Friday, November 19, 2010

Blankets Needed!

Hey friends, We were supposed to go out tonight to do our first street outreach with an inner city organization that goes to where the young girls are being sold on the streets. As an "in" to talk to them we would take blankets to give the girls. We just received a phone call that we would not be able to go tonight because we do not have enough blankets. This should never be the cause of an organization not being able to go out and minister. Please pray for provision! Also, if you would like to serve in this capacity please let Brooke or Leigh Ann know asap! This is a small need that could have a huge impact on the lives of these girls!
Thanks so much!!

-Warm blankets
-Do NOT have to be new but must be clean with no holes
-Please pray over blankets you are giving
**Please know that you are sowing into a ministry that is making a huge impact in Atlanta.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We are excited about all that is coming up for us and for the city. We had our first event with Street GRACE where we showed "The Candy Shop" movie to over 4,000 people. It was a night to remember and the start of something bigger than any of us could dream or make up. It is a revolution! The lives of young people will be different and this fight for justice will be won. "The Candy Shop" is being launched this winter and will hopefully bring more than just an effect of a good movie that pricked our hearts. Hopefully it will bring much more. We need the fire within us as a church and a people to rise up and ignite this place. We need to see that the enemy has once and for all been defeated; where sexual exploitation of children and this billion dollar industry is burned up and destroyed. The Lord is a strong tower, a warrior and so very just. He doesn't stand for the selling of children for sex and he will not stand by and watch the lives and the innocence of children be stolen. Please stand with us, use your voice and be a part of this movement. We are expectant!

-Ministry involvement for the holidays
-Blankets for homeless community
-For our house to be a place of refuge and a light house
-The launching of "The Candy Shop"
-Provision all around

Brooke and Leigh Ann